Squads & HOTY

State Development Squad 2020/2021

2019/2020 Development Squad members were not able to benefit from the Squad due to the Covid-19 pandemic so a decision was made that all eligible squad combinations from 2019/2020 were invited to stay on the squad for 2020/2021 if they still met the criteria.

  • Lydia Davis (LBA China Hit)
  • Penelope Moore (Her Royal Ruby)
  • Caitlin Radford (MS Cocktail)
  • Annelise Britt (Mr Shirvington)
  • Linda Smink (Clearview Francesca)
  • Jamie Smith (Double Espresso)
  • Madeleine Way (Millawarrah Florencia)
  • Michelle Milne (Wembleybrook Sergio & Lambrook Legacy)
  • Ellie Smith (Berenburg Jagger)
  • Kerrie Swan Bates (Southern Lights)
  • Amy Griffiths (Debussy)
  • Claire Lester (Reearnahs Fine Design)
  • Jordan Gale (Leadburn Don Amour)


Horse and Pony of the Year 2019/2020

The winners are to be awarded an embroidered woollen rug (made by Dianne Ray-Luttrell at Remus Rugs) and the runners up and embroidered saddle cloth (from Horseland Devonport) (Embroidery all by Amanda Baker at Saddlesavers by Sandbeck).

Congratulations to the following combinations for their achievements over the 2019/2020 season.

Preliminary POTY: Champion PEC Barindale Grandeur (Chloe Daun)

Preliminary HOTY: Champion Millawarrah Florencia (Madeleine Way)      Res Champ: Debussy (Amy Griffiths)

Novice POTY: Champion Salient Park Dirty Harri (Tammy Wilson)

Novice HOTY: Champion MS Cocktail (Caitlin Radford)                            Res Champ Will I Am B (Katelyn Coniston)

Elementary POTY: Champion Shipstern Allshow (Tania Hay)                    Res Champ Elladean Art Deco (Simone James)

Elementary HOTY: Champion Clearview Francesca (Linda Smink)            Res Champ Leadburn Don Amour (Jordan Gale)

Medium POTY: Champion Sheldene Benallen (Leanne Moore)                  Reg Champ Elladean Art Deco (Simone James)

Medium HOTY: Champion Leadburn Don Amour (Jordan Gale)                Res Champ Her Royal Ruby (Penelope Moore)

Advanced POTY: Champion Wembleybrook Sergio (Michelle Milne)

Advanced HOTY: Champion Regensturm (Judy Peel)

Small Tour HOTY: Champion Regensturm (Judy Peel)                              Res Champ Southern Lights (Kerrie Swan Bates)

Big Tour HOTY: Champion Sir Archiebald (Meegan Daun)