Horse Registration

This page covers:

  • How do I register a horse (new registrations)
  • How do I transfer a horse into my name?
  • I have lost my Certificate of Registration
  • How do I lease a horse?
  • How do I change my horse's name?
  • What do I need to do if I am competing my horse at FEI Level?

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How do I register a horse?

- new full registration
$55 -   new base registration

There are two types of registration available for horses.

  • Full Horse – Lifetime registration of competitive horses permitting participation in equestrian competitive activities.
  • Base Horse – lifetime registration for horses not actively competing in competitive equestrian activities, for owners who would like horse registrations for the purpose of bio security or securing a name.

Registering a horse with Etas enables the owner to acquire a valid competition licence, allowing that horse to participate in above the line activities. The certificate of registration is a means of identifying the horse and establishing ownership of the horse for competition purposes only. Before you submit a registration application for your horse, please ensure that the following information is complete. Incomplete or incorrect work will be returned.

  • All owners must be current Competitor, Participant, Supporter or Commercial members of Equestrian Tasmania.
  • The horse must be Microchipped to Australian Standard.
  • Horse names must be unique. You cannot use the same name as another horse, nor can you change the spelling slightly or use a variation of the same name. You can check to see if the name is taken by searching the EA Database.
  • You must supply 5 name preferences.
  • Prefix Initials are not permitted, neither are numbers, punctuation marks or special characters.
  • If a horse has been registered with another recognized breed society, it may be EA registered using that name.  This rule also applies to horses being imported into Australia. To use the name, you must supply a copy of the certificate.
  • Any horse which was not born in Australia may be subject to additional grading points. Please consult the discipline specific rule book for more details.

If you want to compete in "official" or "graded" competitions your horse will need to be registered. All horses in Tasmania have a lifetime registration and are able to compete throughout Australia. If you are a competitor, participant, supporter or commercial member a competition licence can be purchased for the horse upon Full Horse registration, this is basically a "licence" to compete in your chosen discipline and used to be referred to as a performance card. You must purchase multiple licences if you compete in multiple disciplines. Competition licences are renewed annually with your membership.  If you are competing in Dressage competitions you will require a bridle number.

Please tick the box advising which performance card/s you require. You only need a performance card for the discipline/s you are competing in officially.

Once your horse is registered be sure to download the MYEA App (available on Apple Store and Google Play) and you can access your membership card, horse registration papers and licences via your phone. These are all accepted as proof of registration etc.

 Click Here to Complete a New Horse Registration 

How do I transfer a horse into my name?

$66 - within one month of transfer
$133.10 - Horse transfer late fee - for those post one month of transfer

  • Horses can only be transferred to current Competitor, Participant, Supporter or Commercial members.
  • Ensure that the transfer section of the horse registration paper has been signed by the previous owner relinquishing ownership and ensure that you have signed the section taking up ownership of the horse. Without these signatures, the transfer cannot go ahead. The current owner can access a copy of the horses registration paper via the MYEA portal or via the MYEA App
  • Transfers include all current competition licenses. If no licences are current, you will need to purchase a licence for each discipline in which you wish to compete officially.
  • Please ensure there is a contact name and telephone number written on the paperwork in case we have any queries and need to contact you.
  • Post certificates to the Etas office at PO BOX 85 Dodges Ferry 7173 or Scan and email to [email protected]
  • Payments can be made via direct deposit to the ETas Bank account the details are BSB 067101 Acc 1000 7330 please use your name as a reference. 

Please allow two weeks to complete the transfer. During busy periods (renewal time) this can take longer.

I have lost my Certificate of Registration

Horse registration papers have now moved to a digital format, so you no longer need to look for that lost certificate. Simply download the MYEA App (available on Apple Store and Google Play) and you can access your membership card, horse registration papers and licences via your phone. These are all accepted as proof of registration etc. You can also see these on your MYEA portal.

How do I lease a horse?

Cost: $66 - Lease notification of Registered horse

There are certain EA Disciplines and Classes that require the rider (if they are not the listed EA Owner of the horse), to have an official Lease Notification in place to be able to compete. Please refer to the specific Rules of the Sport to see if this applies to you.

The Lease notification form must be signed by lessee and lessor and submitted with the horse's original Registration Certificate. The Lease Notification Form must indicate a start date and end date of the lease period. For competition purposes, the lease is effective the date that the form (with required signatures) is received in the Etas office. Etas must have written confirmation by both parties if a lease is extended or if the lease is terminated prior to the expiration date. 

It is a requirement that both the Owner and Lessee of the horse are current financial members of EA. And that the Owner, remains a current EA member for the period of the Lease, to allow the Lessee to compete the horse in competitive classes. 

How do I change my horse's name?

Cost: $192.50

If you wish to change the name of your horse, you must complete the application form and submit it to the Etas office.

What do I need to do if I am competing my horse FEI level?

Visit the Equestrian Australia National website for all information about competing a horse at FEI level.

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