About Equestrian Tasmania

Equestrian Tasmania is the peak body for horse sports in Tasmania and is the state body of Equestrian Australia, which is the controlling body for horse sports in Australia and is affiliated with the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI), which is the controlling body for horse sports world-wide.

The primary objectives of Equestrian Tasmania in accordance with its Constitution is to: -

  • Encourage, develop, promote and control horse sports throughout the State of Tasmania.
  • Establish and maintain, throughout Tasmania, a uniform code of rules and regulations to govern horse sports under its jurisdiction.
  • Provide services and support, to members, clubs, coaches, judges and administrators, which is second to none.
  • Encourage community health, welfare, physical education and research through horse sports.
  • Regulate, supervise, coordinate and promote Horse Sports activities, programs, competitions and events.
  • Facilitate cooperation between members of the Association and external organisations, bodies and individuals.
  • Promote membership of the Association and foster the interests of its members.
  • Affiliate with organisations and any other bodies to further the purposes of the Association.

Equestrian Tasmania is a non-profit organisation incorporated under the Associations Incorporations Act of Tasmania. It comprises of individual members, affiliated clubs, life members, coaches and Officials. Equestrian Tasmania embraces the Seven horse sports of:

  • Carriage Driving (An International Sport)
  • Dressage (An International and Olympic Sport)
  • Eventing (An International and Olympic Sport)
  • Show Horse (A National Sport)
  • Showjumping (An International and Olympic Sport)
  • Interschool (A National School Sport) 
  • Para Equestrian (An International and Olympic Sport)

Currently the Tasmanian Branch is planning for the future and helping state governing bodies in developing evolutionary programs, initiatives and competitions so that horse sports may prosper in Tasmania.

Equestrian Tasmania lease 300 acres in Lauderdale from the Clarence Council. The site is being developed as a multi-use centre which includes the local pony club.  The Tasmanian Equestrian Centre is managed by a Subcommittee of the Incorporated User groups of the centre.

Equestrian Tasmania is the recognised Olympic Equine Sport provider in the State. To ensure these Sports are professionally delivered in the state the ETas Board has 3 Affiliated Sports Associations (see extract below from the Constitution) being Dressage Tasmania Inc (DTas), Tasmanian Show Jumping Assoc Inc (SJTas) and Tasmanian Eventing Association Inc (TEA).  Other Sports are governed by Sub Committees of the Board.


57.1.Equestrian Sports Associations recognise the authority this constitution vests in the Board of Equestrian Tasmania and its right to delegate aspects related to the management and conduct of all equestrian sports under its control as per Rule 33. Any such delegated Authority from the board of ET may be revoked from any Sports Association at any time as may be determined by simple majority vote by the board.

These rules apply to those bodies formed to administer the sports of Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, and any other additional body formed for the purpose of administering any other horse sport recognised as such by the FEI and which has been admitted as an Affiliate Member of the Branch.

57.2.Each Sports Association shall administer the day-to-day affairs of the particular horse sport including the conduct of horse events for an on behalf the Branch and/or National body.

Equestrian Tasmania is proud to be supported by Sport and Recreation Tasmania.