About TEC


The Tasmanian Equestrian Centre is 300 acres situated in Equestrian Drive, Lauderdale.  T.E.C is leased from Clarence Council by Equestrian Tasmania and managed by a volunteer Board comprising representatives from ETas and each of the user groups. These User Groups are as follows; Tasmanian Show Jumping Association (Southern Branch), Southern Tasmania Eventing Association, Dressage Association of Tasmania (Southern Zone), Hobart & Districts Pony Club.  

Equestrian Tasmania members are free to utilise the ground at any time by becoming a financial Casual Users .

TEC can be hired by User Groups or other clubs to hold events.  TEC consists of multiple areas that can be booked seperately.  These include 

1) Dressage park consisting of four 20x60m sand arenas plus considerable grass area for warm ups

2) Two showJumping parks, both fenced grass arenas and one with inbuilt banks.

3) Cross Country Course up to 2*

4) 100x100 fenced grass arena

5) 70m x 70m fenced fabric surface 'Capricron' arena

6) Ample parking

7) 100 yards

8) 4 washbays

9) Clubrooms and toilets with one shower


Frequently asked Questions for TEC areas.


1. What does TEC membership give me? 

Access to common use areas of the equestrian centre - tracks and trails, Capricorn arena, wash bays, lunge yard, toilets, carpark.

2. Do I need to be an EA member? 


3. Do TEC offer a pro rata ? 


4. Do I still have to pay rider levies at comps, training days & clinics if I am a TEC CU?

Yes TEC membership is for casual use days

5. Do I have insurance if I join TEC? 

As an EA member you hold insurance.

6. Do I have to pay extra to ride in arenas? 

As a CU you can ride in Capricorn arena for no extra fee. DTas SZ Dressage do charge arena fees to use their 4 arenas in the dressage park.

7. Do I have to book the arenas? 


8. Will I be the only one in an arena if I book it? 

There is an exclusive booking option for Capricorn arena. Please only ride in the area you booked for and each rider MUST make a booking.

 9. Can I use the x country course whenever I like? 

No. Only when under instruction with a TEC coach.

10. Can any one coach me at TEC? 

No you can only be coached by a TEC coach

11. Can I jump at TEC on my own? 

As a casual user you may jump on the Capricorn arena if it is booked exclusively and you have a reliable person watching.
If you are not a CU you can only jump while under instruction by a TEC coach.

12. Where are the jumping cups stored if jumping on Capricorn?

Jumping equipment is stored in the container at the Capricorn arena. Please return once finished.

13. Can I use the show jump park to ride in? 

Yes, if Show-jumping does not have their area closed. However you can not jump in there without prior negotiation with show-jump and you can not ride on the banks.

14. Can I ride around the trails? 


15. Can a friend meet me and come for a ride? 

Only if they are a CU.

16. Can I organise a clinic on the grounds? 

Yes subject to clinic regulation and negotiation with TEC.

17. Can non TEC members ride at the park? 

Only in arenas booked via nominate.

18. How do I get my TEC key?

When you become a CU arrangements are made to supply you the key.

To veiw all Tec Bookings please click the link below