Judges Information

Judge Education Panel - Tasmania

Suzanne Betts - Chair 0428 674 790 [email protected]
Bert Gibson - Member 0417 302 132 [email protected]
Kerrie Swan-Bates - Member 0427 659 970 [email protected]
Judy Peel - Member 0413 304 525 [email protected]
Sue Lamont - Member 0409 707 291 [email protected]
Belinda Snooks - Member 0409 357 664 [email protected]

Information for prospective judges and useful resources for existing judges:


Dressage Tasmania Judge Education Panel Reimbursement Scheme (for interstate travel)


Officials calendar:


Forms for judges/OC's:

Difference in Marks - Judges Report JEP Tas V1.1.pdf

Upcoming seminars, education workshops and general education events - All Dressage Tasmania members (riders, coaches and officials) welcome:

Refer to the event calendar http://www.tas.equestrian.org.au/dressage/events/calendar

Judge Resources:


USDF "On The Levels" DVD's or digital downloads via Vimeo - https://store.usdf.org/pages/usdf-digital-videos

USDF Glossary - https://www.usdf.org/education/university/kb/item.asp?ID=991&q=Glossary

Scoreboard Paperless Scoring Part 1: https://www.equestrian.org.au/news/scoreboard-smarter-competition-scoring

Scoreboard Paperless Scoring Part 2: https://www.equestrian.org.au/news/live-score-dressage-follow-scoreboard

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