Our Structure & Committees

Our Structure


State Dressage Authority (SDA) Committee

The SDA is made up of 8 elected members from across the State. The SDA oversees dressage in Tasmania on a strategic level, with the three geographical zones and the Judges Education Panel reporting to this committee.

Sharni Radford - Chair 0428 284 040 [email protected]
Suzan McDermott - Vice Chair 0421 954 472 [email protected]
Lydia Davis  - Secretary 0418 649 769  [email protected]
Allison Hall - Treasurer 0424 409 530 [email protected]
Tania Hay - ETas Representative 0417 519 674 [email protected]
Sue Lamont - General Committee   [email protected]
Penelope Moore - General Committee   [email protected]
Judy Atkinson - General Committee   [email protected]


Judge Education Panel (JEP) Members

 >>     To find out more about judging and the JEP click here

Suzanne Betts - Chair 0428 674 790 [email protected]
Bert Gibson - Member 0417 302 132 [email protected]
Kerrie Swan-Bates - Member 0427 659 970 [email protected]
Judy Peel - Member 0413 304 525 [email protected]
Sue Lamont - Member 0409 707 291 [email protected]
Belinda Snooks - Member 0409 357 664 [email protected]


Northern Branch

The Northern branch is based at the Thirlstane dressage grounds in Port Sorell.

Megan Whalley - Chair [email protected]
Judy Atkinson - Vice Chair [email protected]
Alana Fazackerley - Secretary [email protected]
Jayne Blyth - Treasurer [email protected]

General Committee: Jo Rhind, Jarom Rhind, Sue Lamont, Katelyn Coniston, Claire Lester, Jess Van der Vlist,

Jena Brooks, Chimene Deavin, Madeleine Way, Judy Harding, Sandra Butorac and Teresa Darcy.

[email protected]

Monthly meetings are held in Launceston - all welcome.


Southern Branch

The Southern branch is based at the Tasmanian Equestrian Centre, Lauderdale.

Gill von Bertouch  - Vice President 0448 763 033 [email protected]
Katherine Drake - Treasurer   [email protected] 
Vacant - Event Secretary   [email protected]
Vacant - Minutes Secretary    
Karen Allen - TEC Representative 0428 335 307 [email protected]
Jill Schwartz - Draw  0419 385 374 [email protected] 
Suzan McDermott - SDA Representative   [email protected] 

General Committee: Tracey Johnston, Chloe and Georgia Amos ([email protected]u),

Millie Ashton ([email protected]), Sophie McDermott ([email protected] )


Monthly meetings are held at Training Days - contact Jenny if you wish to attend.


North West Branch

The North West branch is based at the Thirlstane dressage grounds in Port Sorell.

Penelope Moore - President 0448 387 864 [email protected]
Jodie Towns - Vice President   [email protected]
Jodie Strobl - Secretary   [email protected]
Annika Lockwood - Treasurer   [email protected]
General Committee: Carolyn Fisher, Kenya Broad, Samantha McGrath, Jamie Smith and Linda Smink.     [email protected]

Meetings are generally held 2nd Wednesday of the month, contact Penelope on 0448 387 in regards to meetings.