Our Structure & Committees

Our Structure


State Dressage Authority (SDA) Committee

The SDA is made up of 8 elected members from across the State. The SDA oversees dressage in Tasmania on a strategic level, with the three geographical zones and the Judges Education Panel reporting to this committee.

Judy Atkinson - Chair    [email protected] or 0424 022 558
Sue Lamont - Vice Chair   [email protected]
Alana Fazackerley  - Secretary   [email protected]
Allison Hall - Treasurer   [email protected]
Tania Hay - ETas Representative   [email protected]
Suzan McDermott - General Committee   [email protected]
Gill von Bertouch - General Committee   [email protected]
Heather Stewart - General Committee   [email protected]


Dressage Officials Panel (DOP) Members

 >>     To find out more about judging and the DOP click here

Suzanne Betts - Chair 0428 674 790 [email protected]
Bert Gibson - Member 0417 302 132 [email protected]
Kerrie Swan-Bates - Member 0427 659 970 [email protected]
Judy Peel - Member 0413 304 525 [email protected]
Sue Lamont - Member 0409 707 291 [email protected]
Judy Atkinson - Member 0424 022 558 [email protected]


Northern Branch

The Northern branch is based at the Thirlstane dressage grounds in Port Sorell.

Judy Atkinson & Sue Lamont - Co-Chairs [email protected]
Megan Whalley - Secretary [email protected]
Katelyn Coniston - Treasurer [email protected]

General Committee:  Jess van der Vlist, Jayne Blyth, Alana Fazackerley, Teresa Darcy, Judy Harding and Michael Glover 

[email protected]

Monthly meetings are held in Launceston - all welcome.


Southern Branch

The Southern branch is based at the Tasmanian Equestrian Centre, Lauderdale.

Gill von Bertouch - Chair  0448 763 033 [email protected]
Heather Stewart - Vice Chair 0408 377 461 [email protected]
Katherine Drake - Treasurer   [email protected] 
Tania Hay - Event Secretary   [email protected]
Jill Suban - Minutes Secretary    
Karen Allen - TEC Representative 0428 335 307 [email protected]
Jill Schwartz - Draw  0419 385 374 [email protected] 
Suzan McDermott - SDA Representative   [email protected] 

General Committee: Chloe Amos, Millie Ashton, Lyn Bourn, Sophie McDermott, Suzan McDermott, Jill Schwartz, Jenny Wilson, Tammy Woolley


Monthly meetings are open to members, contact Gill to rsvp.


North West Branch

The North West branch is based at the Thirlstane dressage grounds in Port Sorell.

Penelope Moore - President 0448 387 864 [email protected]
Linda Smink - Vice President   [email protected]
Jodie towns - Secretary   [email protected]
Annika Lockwood - Treasurer   [email protected]
General Committee: Rose Kemp, Jordan Gale, Kenya Broad, Jamie Smith, Penny Higgins, Carolyn Fisher, Jodi Strobl   [email protected]

Meetings are generally held 2nd Wednesday of the month, contact Penelope on 0448 387 in regards to meetings.