Dressage Tas Young Rider Squad

Dressage Tasmania State Young Rider Squad Selection Criteria and Information 2020/2021


The aim of the Dressage Tasmania Young Rider (YR) Squad is to identify combinations that are committed to training and education to improve the quality of riding and therefore the development and promotion of Dressage within Tasmania. There will be a focus on Team culture, performance monitoring and commitment to improving performance, and commitment to the sport through supporting local zones. 

Young Rider Squad Clinics will be conducted in the North, North West and South throughout the year with State Squad Coach Peter Fischer. This will include private lessons, theory and performance analysis. Young Rider Squad riders are to pay $155.00 per lesson. Dressage Tasmania
will cover the cost of extra activities and fundraising for YR squad and a Tasmanian Representative Team is encouraged.

General Young Rider Squad Information 

It is expected that riders will attend as many of the YR squad clinics as possible, especially those held in their end of the State. YR Squad riders may be requested to attend Judges Clinics as demonstration horse/rider combinations. Those not riding would also be expected to attend where possible to improve rule knowledge and to find out what the judges are actually looking for! 
Combinations on the Dressage Tasmania Young Rider Squad that show that they are unable to maintain the rigours of competition, training and performance analysis may have their position on the Squad reviewed. Likewise, if the combination is unable to continue as an active member of the Squad for any reason (eg. the sale of the pony/horse), the SDA must be advised as soon as possible.

All young riders are encouraged to apply.

Selection Criteria

  • The Young Rider must be a current financial member of both Dressage Tasmania and Equestrian Australia (‘competitor' membership with EA).
  • YR Age requirements - young riders are eligible from the start of the year they turn 10 until the end of the year they turn 21. Young riders on Ponies are eligible from the start of the year they turn 8 years old until the end of the year they turn 21 years old. All applicants must be within this age category.
  • The pony/horse must be Equestrian Australia Registered.
  • Submit 6 Official performances at any level from 04/03/2019 – 01/03/2020 (inclusive) for Preliminary to Advanced or 3 FEI Performances (1x Unofficial permitted) from 04/03/2019 – 01/03/2020 (inclusive)
  • YR Squad applicants are expected to support their sport both on and off the horse and are required to supply a CV of their participation and regular assistance they have provided at National, State and Zone level in the past financial year (where applicable).
  • Written summary of riding goals - short, medium and long term.
  • A short, recent video of the pony/horse and rider combination (no longer than 4 minutes) must be provided with your application. This may be a dressage test at your current competition level or a schooling session. The video must show movements respective to your current level of competition.
  • As positions on the YR squad are for the pony/horse and rider combinations, in the instance of sale, lease, retirement or prolonged injury of the pony/horse applied on, squad positions held by that pony/horse and rider combination are automatically withdrawn and the rider must re-apply in the next round of applications with a new mount (if they wish to do so and selection criteria are met). You must let the YR squad co-ordinator know any changes of circumstances at your earliest convenience.

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