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Posted by Equestrian Tasmania on 21/01/2016.

Young Horse Judgeing Sheets 2016

The FEI at the end of 2015  changed the FEI Young Horse Judging sheets – the tests have remained the same.


What has been changed is the way penalties for errors of course and other errors – such as carrying a whip when not permitted by the rules-  are to be calculated.    This is change for the better as previously these penalties had a significant weighting on the end result. this will mean  rule 5.1(f) in the 2016 Rule book will be ammended.


Below are the new scoring sheets. 

2016_YH4_Score sheet - Final - 19-1-16.pdf


2016_YH5_Score sheet - Final - 19-1-16.pdf

2016_YH6_Score sheet - Final - 19-1-16.pdf

2016_YH6_Score sheet - Pony - Final - 19-1-16.pdf

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