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Posted by Heather Stewart on 02/08/2021.

2020-21 Squad Wrap Up

As we have wrapped up the past squad year, I just wanted to say Thank you to all the 2020-2021 squad riders: Claire Lester, Linda Smink, Pene Moore, Kerrie Swan-Bates, Amy Griffiths, Jordan Gale, Madeline Way, Annelise Britt, Lydia Davis, Caitlin Radford, Michelle Milne.

The riders were all very positive and enthusiastic, during a time when we were dealing with Covid, everyone pitched in the make virtual clinics work, and to maintain a great team feeling.

At State Championships, the squad riders had great success with across the board, with placings, championships, and reserve champions.

Riders stepped up to run BBQs to fundraise.

Best of luck to the riders for the future.

Jamie Smith, Squad Coordinator


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