Tonnerre Perpetual Trophy

Donated by Barb Rowsell in memory of her Grand Prix champion gelding ‘Tonnerre’.

This trophy is donated to the winner of the highest FEI level test contested at the Dressage Tasmania State Championships. Bred in Tasmania and purchased for the grand total of $1,000, Tonnerre became the 9 x Tasmanian FEI Champion and 5 x Tasmanian Grand Prix Champion; competing across 5 different states with consistent results. Together, he and Barb could be seen frequently performing their Grand Prix freestyle at demonstration events across the state.

1997 Maree Anderson The Butler
1998 A Matthew Marcado
1999  Judy Peel Birribi Sprout
2000 Judy Peel Birribi Sprout
2002 Judy Peel Birribi Sprout
2003 Judy Peel Birribi Sprout
2004 Judy Peel Birribi Sprout
2005 Cheryl Lawrence Joint Masters
2006 Lydia Jackson Precizion
2007 Lydia Jackson Precizion
2008 Lydia Jackson Precizion
2009 Karen Allen Wisdom
2010 Sheelagh Beech Landstein
2011 Cheryl Lawrence Snowy River Blackwood
2012 Lydia Jackson Splendido
2013 Lydia Jackson Splendido
2014 Lydia Jackson Splendido
2015 Miriam Coleman Sunbury Lodge Toronto
2016 Lydia Jackson Splendido
2017 Lydia Jackson Splendido
2018 Helen Malcolm Argo
2019 Meegan Daun Sir Archiebald
2020 Meegan Daun Sie Archiebald