Nora O'Shea Perpetual Trophy

This trophy is in memory of Nora O’Shea who was a great supporter of dressage in Tasmania. This trophy is awarded to the pony who receives the highest percentage over the weekend.

2008 Celina Johnson Brookbanks Barishnikof
2009 Madeleine Way Lynlea Casanova
2010 Kelsey Allen Phoenix Park Rebel
2011 Susan Lamont Cavalino
2012 Leanne Moore Sheldene Benallen
2013 Caitlin Radford Bamborough Jitterbug
2014 Leanne Moore Sheldene Benallen
2015 Larissa Plunkett Van Diemon
2016 Tania Hay Fairfield Staccato
2017 Tania Hay Fairfield Staccato
2018 Tamara Smith Fairfield Fantasia
2019 Lydia Jackson Woodsden Wizard (owned by P. Woods)
2020 Catherine Trinket Bensons Trinket