Changes to FEI tests and penalties

New editions of FEI tests for 2015 and the phase out of Big Tour Entry Level Test (BTELT):

The ADC has two pieces of news with regard to tests for 2015.


1.      With the advent of the FEI Medium Tour tests – Intermediate A and Intermediate B – the ADC has decided to phase out the Big Tour Entry Level Test as from 1.1.15

2.      The FEI has just published the 2015 FEI test from Senior to Children level.  For many the only change has been to add the word “Straightness” to the Submission Collective.


Changes are as follows:

·        Inter A - Movement 17 and 20 will be split into 2 movements. Movement 14 & 15 will be combined. New total points will be 360. Several changes in letters – Movements 4,5,6 and 7.


Treatment of penalties in current EA dressage tests:


As you are aware rather than eliminating riders for some actions against the rules we have introduced penalties. The current dressage tests don’t include a space for penalties to be recorded nor do the current scoring systems.


The current EA dressage tests have now been updated and include a space for penalties to be recorded along with a reason. These tests are now on the EA website at


Can you please publicise this to your riders, judges and clubs. The clubs that provide their own scoring system will need to amend their system accordingly to cope with a deduction of penalties which are minus 2 from each judge.