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Posted by Anna Hayward on 29/10/2014.
Judy Kilby - Ollie
Anna Hayward

NTEC Derby Day & Top Score 12 October 2014

Results from the NTEC Derby Day and Top Score Competition 12 October 2014 at Quercus Park

Derby Comp 50cm

1st  Emma Robinson - Tallulah, 2nd  Sarah Joubert - Lilly, 3rd  Lucinda Alexander - Delilah, 4th Berris Atkins - EJ

 Derby Comp 50-65 cm

1st  Jenna Waterworth - Jitterbug, 2nd  Emma Robinson - Tallulah, 3rd Kristy Keep - Nerak, 4th Berris Atkins - EJ

Deby Comp 65-80 cm 

1st Roger Blackwell - Flying Dumbo, 2nd Jess Cowan - Romanov, 3rd Roger Blackwell - Wellbrook On Fire, 4th Sandra Atkins - Vandella

Derby Comp 65-80 cm (Over 40 years old)

1st - Joanna Ellison - Marlin, 2nd Judy Kilby - Ollie, 3rd Sandra Atkins - Vandella, 4th Carole Coates - Lethal Passion

Derby Comp 80-95 cm

1st Elesha Spillane - Portavik Poachers Gold, 2nd Jess Cowan - Romanov, 3rd Judy Kilby - Ollie, 4th Erin Boer - Foul Snookered

Derby Comp 95cm -1.04m

1st Elesha Spillane - Portavik Poachers Gold, 2nd Emma Cowling - Auburnvale Banjo, 3rd Lisa Van Riel - Secret Mission, 4th Roger Blackwell - Flying Dumbo

Top Score 50-80cm

1st Sandra Atkins - Vandella (1080 pts), 2nd Alana Blackman - Head Spinner (1030 pts), 3rd Brittany Hine - Westfield Over The Moon (1010 pts), 4th Chloe McFarlane - Little Lady (920 pts)

Top Score 80cm - 1.04 cm

1st Madeleine Pearn - Silver Spirit (980 pts), 2nd Alana Blackman - William Wallace (950 pts), 3rd Sue Walton - Two Brook Jive (840 pts), 4th Emma Cowling - Auburnvale Banjo (540 pts)


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