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Posted by Samantha Napier on 30/07/2015.

Dressage Tasmania Southern Zone Amateur Series 2015

Dressage Tasmania Southern Zone Amateur Series 2015

It’s on again for 2015 and this year’s dates include;


Competition Date:               Closing Date for entries:

30th August                               14th August

4th October                                18th September

1st November                             16th October

6th December                             20th November


To be run at the Tasmania Equestrian Centre, Equestrian Drive, Lauderdale. 

Registrations are open until the 1st November.


Individual test entries are due, as per their respective competitions. Tests will run within the unofficial divisions at Preparatory, Preliminary and Novice levels. Riders must nominate for ONE level only. Entrants must be a DressageTas member.  Horses do NOT need to be EA registered.


DT Membership is $35 Juniors/$70 Senior and receive discounted entry fees for competitions. 



All tests will be run under EA rules:

Horse and rider combinations receive series points for each score obtained at their nominated level. Final scores will be calculated using the top 3 scores only.


< 54%            = 1 pt

54 – 56%       = 2pts

56 – 58%       = 3pts

58 – 60%       = 4pts

60 - 62%        = 5pts

62 - 64%        = 6pts

64 - 66%        = 7pts

66 - 68%        = 8pts

68 - 70%        = 9pts

>70%             = 10pts

In the event of a point draw, winners will be calculated by using the highest aggregate percentage of your top 3 scores. The Organising Committee reserves the right to determine that if, due to unforeseen circumstances any of the competition dates included in the series are cancelled; results will be decided from the remaining competition(s).

The more competitions you attend, the better-placed you will be!



  • A woollen rug and rosette for each series winner.
  • Rosettes to 8th place.
  • Rosette for high-point Young Rider (Age: up to and including 21y.o)
  • Rosette for the high-point pony.



Amateurs only (riders not earning any income from training or riding horses AND/OR who have never ridden at FEI level.) If you have won a series in previous years e.g. Prelim 2014 please only enter the Novice. series.



How much does it cost?   

Registration is free. Entry costs to each competition apply as normal. ($15 per test)

Can I compete in more than one series?         

Please choose one series PER horse. 

What do I need to send in?

Just complete this registration form and send it in to the address below.

You will still need to complete your standard entry via for every competition. 

I don’t want to register for the series just yet. Can I still compete in the mean time?

YES.  As long as you have your registration form in by the closing date.

If I register on November 1st, can I still count scores from the August and October competitions?

Yes, we will have records of all results. 

What is the dress code?  

All riders must abide by EA dress code with approved helmets/boots and jackets, as per the EA Rules.

Do I have to plait?

There is no formal rule, however this does show respect to the judges and allows them to more clearly judge your test.

Still have questions?

Please give Pene Marsden (0409 578 908) or Jill Schwartz (0419 385 374) a call!




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