Dressage Tas Forms and Documents

Dates for 2019/20:  DTas_Dates May2019 to June2020.pdf

Dressage Tasmania Constitution:  Constitution - 22Sept2017.pdf

Dressage Tasmania Operational Plan:  DT Operational Plan 2015-2020.pdf

Dressage Tasmania Strategic Plan:  DT Strategic Plan 2015-2020.pdf

Dressage Tasmania AGM 2019 Agenda:  DT AGM AGENDA_12July2019.pdf

Dressae Tasmania SDA Nomination Form:  SDA Nomination Form 2019-20.pdf

Dressage Tasmania HOTY Nomination Form:  HOTY_2018-19.pdf

EA Hot Weather Policy:  EA Hot Weather Policy_13042018.pdf

Refund Policy (Updated 9th April 2019):  DT_Refund Policy_V29March2019.pdf

Difference in marks for judges/OC's:  Difference in Marks - Judges Report JEP Tas V1.1.pdf

Intention to Travel Interstate:  Intention to Travel_May2018.pdf 

Application to Downgrade:  Application_Downgrade_Dressage_Horse.pdf

Incident Form:  Dressage Tas Incident Report Template Oct2018.pdf