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Posted by Claire Walker on 17/11/2016.
Laura Johnson
Sarah Walker Photgraphy

Westbury Show Jumping Results 2016

Showjumping Ring 1 Friday 4 November

Incitec Pivot 1 .05m Jump: Myka (Shannon Lee) 1, Super Fly (Carina Walton) 2, Limwood Thirsty Merc (Tara Yost) 3, Looking Clover (Merindah Thomson) 4, Fine Print (Cathy Oliver) 5

Tasmanian Alkaloids Junior Championship: Rosebank Randall (Shakira Miller) 1, Country Gold Pritchard (Ashley Steele) 2, Tonash Mondo(Georgia Elias) 3, Kite Runner (Sophie Orchard) 4, Final Conquest (George Riley) 5

TP Jones and Tas Ag services 1.1m Jump: JP Partytime (Tim Williams) 1, Back in the Game (Andrew Gibson) 2, JP Cinzano (Mykaela Briggs) 3, Sheridan Park Maxx (Shayne Rodman) 4, MEC Gatsby (Alysha Verwey) 5

Vern Poke Transport 1.20m Jump: JP Cassime (Mylaela Briggs) 1, JP Partytime (Tim Williams) 2, Shad (Wendy Hall) 3, Any Danger (Laura Johnson) 4

Glenara Stockfeeds 1.3m Jump: JP Chivas (Mykaela Briggs) 1, Landstar 9 (Mykaela Briggs) 2, El Cairo (Alysha Verwey)3

Tas Alkaloids Under 21 Championship: El Cairo (Alysha Verwey) 1, JP Carona (Adele Rechberger), Cellar Door (Sophie Roles) 3, Mass Exodus (Ashley Steele) 4

Koppers Wood Products 1.15m Jump: Ambervale Smudge (Jo Geard) 1, JP Cassime (Mykaela Briggs)  2, JP Cinzano (Mykaela Briggs) 3, Fallbrook Black magic (Monique Elliott) 4.


Showjumping Ring 1 Saturday 5 November

TP Jones 1.05m Championship: Valle Park Cisco (Danielle Whatley) 1, Kite Runner (Sophie Orchard) 2, Van Hard Yards (Sam Stones) 3, Country Gold Pritchard (Ashley Steele) 4, Oceana Fine (Georgia Pearce) 5

Page Transport & GE Jumping Horses Young Horse Championship: Fernayre Skydancer (Emily Ruffo) 1, Myka (Shannon Lee) 2, Armani (Darlene Svamvur) 3, Fine Print (Cathy Oliver) 4, Fallontino (Lucie Riley) 5

Saddleworld Launceston Future Stars: JP Cinzano (Mykaela Briggs) 1, Gidget Du Rouet (Tim Williams) 2, Ambervale Smudge (Jo Geard) 3, Sheridan Park Maxx (Shayne Rodman) 4, Lethal fantasy (Lucinda Alexander) 5, Shad (Wendy Hall) 6, ASB Valet (Robert Casey) 7, Hobson (Leearn McNamara) 8

Bowthorpe Stud Open Championship: Any Danger (Laura  Johnson) 1, JP Partytime (Tim Williams) 2, El Cairo (Ashley Verwey) 3, Landstar 9 (Mykaela Briggs) 4, JP Chivas (Mykaela Briggs) 5

Westbury Rural Services 1.2m Speed Championship: JP Corona (Adele Rechberger) 1, ASB Valet (Robert Casey) 2, Wellbrook Chesterfield (Courtney Swain) 3, The Buzz (Elaine Gee) 4

Roberts Prospect 1.1m Speed Championship: Mass Exodus (Ashley Steele) 1, Ima Goldseeker (Lydia  Dales) 2, Valle Park Cisco (Danielle Whatley) 3, MEC Gatsby (Alysha Verwey) 4, Fine Print (Cathy Oliver) 5.


Showjumping Ring 2 Friday 

Whinburn 70cm Jump: Roser (Wendy Hall) 1, Hugo By Jet (Matilda Scott) 2, Silver Lining (Linda Rogers) 3, LBA Profile (Hannah Scott) 4, Lacento (Lucie Riley) 5

Clutterbuck Family 80cm Jump: Ollie (Judy Kilby) 1, Hugo By Jet (Matilda Scott) 2, Lacento (Lucie Riley) 3, Twobrook Jive (Sue Walton) 4, KL Wispa (Erin Stones) 5

Archer Family 90cm Jump: Just Chief (Karen Heiermann) 1, Aglaia Hippios (Chloe McFarlane) 2, Lackrana Rose (Matilda Scott) 3, Bobby (erin Stones) 4, True Promise (Michaela Van Rooye), Super Ted (Carina Walton) eq 5

Beveridge Family 1m Jump: Tonash Mondo (Georgia Elias) 1, Rosebank Harry (Shakira Miller) 2, Lackrana Rose (Matilda Scott) 3, Just Chief (Karen Heiermann) 4, Raging Baa (Shayne Rodman) 5.

Showjumping Ring 2 Saturday

Kilby Family 70cm Jump: Everybody Tango (Sharna Dolbey) 1, Rosebank Lily (Emily Irvine) 2, Roser (Wendy Hall) 3, Lacento (Lucie Riley) 4, LBA Profile (Hannah Scott) 5

Beveridge Family 80cm Jump: Everybody Tango (Sharne Dolbey) 1, Time Traveller (Sophie Gibson) 2, Heartbreak Kid (Douglas Loader) 3, LBA Profile (Hannah Scott) 4, Miss Calamity Jane (Charlotte Youngman) 5

Pryde’s Easifeed  Junior  Encouragement Championship: Exmoor Flynn (Olivia Lawson) 1, Everybody Tango (Sharna Dolbey) 2, Star (Brooke Hanham) 3, ESB Irish Event (Tommie Glover) 4, Mocha Kiss (Jack Suratman) 5

Pryde’s Easifeed  Open Encouragement Championship: Lackrana Rose (Matilda Scott) 1, Twobrook Jive (Sue Walton) 2, Ollie (Judy Kilby) 3, Little Tess (Darcy Miller) 4, Consider Yourself (Lucy Eagle) 5

Cressy Chaff Cutters Junior Championship: Tonash Mondo (Georgia Elias) 1, Aglaia Hippios (Chloe McFarlane)2, Rosebank Harry (Shakira Miller) 3, Miss Calamity Jane (Charlotte Youngman) 4, Funky Chunky (Jenna Waterworth) 5

Cressy Chaff Cutters Open Championship: Foul Snookered (Erin Boer) 1, Windy Hill Forever (Kirsten Towns) 2, Rowland Park Ruby Tuesday (Demi Rowlandson) 3, Breaking News (Taylah Evans) 4, Yes Chef (Cathy Oliver) 5

Geard Family 1m Jump: Time Traveller (Sophie Gibson) 1, Tonash Mondo (Georgia Elias) 2, Bobby (Greg Stones) 3, Happent (Sophie Roles) 4, Rosebank Harry (Shakira Miller) 5.


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