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Posted by Equestrian Tasmania on 26/09/2016.
2016 InterSchool Team

Tasmania's InterSchool Team arrives in Sydney

The 2016 Equestrian Australia InterSchool Championships begin tomorrow.

A team of talented Tasmanian Junior riders have arrived safely and have set up camp at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre ready for Day 1

Jamie Buckby is our Team Manager.

Day 1:

Proud day for the team watching Youngest member of the team ride into 5th Place in the Primary Combined Training (Dressage and Jumping).

Combined Training placegetters

For update results please see 

Combined Training Primary 60cm               Jordan Gale PHOENIX PARK REBEL

Combined Training Secondary 95cm           Samantha Bessell IRISH RIVIERA

EVA80                                                        Chloe McFarlane AGLAIA HIPPIOS

EVA80                                                        Alanah Monty SPRINGLODGE MACK

Secondary 110cm                                       Alysha Verwey   MEC GATSBY

Secondary 120cm                                       Alysha Verwey   EL CAIRO

Secondary 90cm                                         Shantel Radford VIDEO FLYER

Secondary 90cm                                         Samantha Bessell IRISH RIVIERA

Secondary 90cm                                         Laura Monty AUGUSTUS PARK CASPER

Secondary 90cm                                         Chloe McFarlane AGLAIA HIPPIOS

Primary Dressage                                        Jordan Gale PHOENIX PARK REBEL

Secondary Dressage                                   Caitlin Radford XL OVERTIME

  Chloe McFarlane AGLAIA HIPPIOS - 6th overall in the EVA80 (Eventing)  

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