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Posted by Claire Walker on 02/03/2022.
Meegan Daun and State President Tim Williams
Ava Walker

Jumping Tasmania State Awards 2021

2021 season saw some great jumping in Tasmania.

Tasmania was relatively lucky during Covid to be able to continue to host shows.  Whilst some of our traditional Agricultural Shows could not be held Jumping Tasmania wish to congratulate our hard working branches North, North West, South and Kingborough on running excellent events for our jumping riders.

The Agricultural Shows that were able to continue thank you for your dedication to the sport of jumping.

An enjoyable presentation evening was held at the completion of jumping at the South Summer Series on Saturday 26 February.

Congratulations to the following award winners for 2021:

  1. HORSE OF YEAR  - SENIOR ATHLETE  (80cm – 1.04cm)         

“ROSE BANK RULER'Rider: Shieka Miller  Eq

“ALLAN PARK GRAND LEXUSRider: Ingrid Bradley Eq


  1. HORSE OF YEAR -JUNIOR ATHLETE (80cm – 1.04cm)                                                                                   

“PEC BARINDALE GRANDEUR’     Rider: Chloe Daun


  1.  ‘YOUNG HORSE”  (4 to 7 yrs)         (Most successful young horse 1.05 and above)

“PEC RAMBLING ROSE’                     Rider: Meegan Daun



‘AMBERVALE SMUDGE”                  Rider: Jo Geard


  1. STATE 21 AND UNDER  “AMBASSADOR OF THE YEAR” (Nominate by branch) 20/21

Northern Branch    Isabella Wynwood                             

North West   No nomination                                     

Kingborough Chloe Daun                                             

South  Petra Schuecker                                                                      


  1.  “STATE YOUNG ATHLETE RIDER OF THE YEAR”      (Taken from State Squad)

Chloe McFarlane              


  1. HORSE OF THE YEAR -       JUNIOR ATHLETE (1.05 and above)             

‘PICCALINA’        Rider: Laura Edwards


  1. HORSE OF YEAR -                 YOUNG ATHLETE (1.05 and above)                               

“JELLYSTONE PARK CASSIME        Rider:  Chloe McFarlan

  1. ‘HORSE OF YEAR’   SENIOR ATHLETE (1.05 and above)    

“PEC RAMBLING ROSE”  Rider:   Meegan Daun


  1.  ‘STATE SERVICE TO SPORT AWARD’  (Nominated by Branch) 20/21            

                  NORTHERN BRANCH:                   Penny Orchard                   


                  NORTH WEST BRANCH:                     Jodi Gardam                         


                  SOUTHERN BRANCH:                          Alicia Edwards                                                        


                  KINGBOROUGH BRANCH:               Kirsten Kuns


  1. STATE TEAM TROPHY  (Taken from Championship events State Titles)






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