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Posted by Claire Walker on 02/03/2022.
Andrew Gibson and State President Tim Williams
Ava Walker

Jumping Tasmania State Awards 2020

Due to Covid the 2020 Jumping Tasmania State Awards have had a delayed presentation.

It was wonderful to present these awards at a great evening held after a super day of jumping at the Southern Series final held on the weekend of 26/27 February.


  1. HORSE OF YEAR  - SENIOR ATHLETE  (80cm – 1.04cm)                                                               

“DANYIERA PARK CHARLOTTE’   Rider: Jordyn Robottom


  1. HORSE OF YEAR -JUNIOR ATHLETE (80cm – 1.04cm)                                                                 

“PEC BARINDALE GRANDEUR       Rder: Chloe Daun


  1.  ‘YOUNG HORSE”  (4 to 7 yrs)(Most successful young horse 1.05 and above)    

“JELLYSTONE PARK FIZZ”                 Rider: Mykaela Peterson                                                   


  1. LONGFORD EQUINE CLINIC ‘BALLYMORE CUP”                                                                    

‘JELLYSTONE PARK CINZANO’       Rider: Mykaela Peterson                                            


  1.  “STATE YOUNG ATHLETE RIDER OF THE YEAR”        (From State Squad)    

Chloe McFarlane                                                                                                                                            


  1. HORSE OF THE YEAR -         JUNIOR ATHLETE (1.05 and above)                                  

 ‘PICCALINA’                                           Rider: Laura Edwards                                                            


  1. HORSE OF YEAR -                   YOUNG ATHLETE (1.05 and above)                               

“RED SAMBUCCA’                               Rider: Jessica Grove                                                              


  1. HORSE OF YEAR’     SENIOR ATHLETE (1.05 and above)                            

“KENTAUR PINA COLADA            Rider:            Andrew Gibson                                  


  1. STATE TEAM TROPHY (Taken from Championship classes State Titles)

2020 NORTHERN BRANCH                                                                                        

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