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Posted by Equestrian Tasmania on 11/05/2016.

Full Report from the recent ETAS members Hearing

Dear Equestrian Tasmanian members,

Please find attached a copy of the report by the Chair on the Judiciary Hearing panel.

The ETas Board, after careful review of the first complaint, voted not to proceed due to insufficient evidence presented with the initial complaint and through the late Paul Brown, went down the line of informal counselling. Following the second complaint the Board voted, by majority, to proceed with a full Tribunal hearing using external people to ensure all had a fair hearing.

The Chair contacted the EA representative responsible who gave her the contact of an EA Senior official with EA Hearing experiences. At this point the ETas Board had no further hand in the process.

The appointed Official then contacted appropriate people to form a 3-person panel with a Senior Judge, from the SA Courts, as the head. 

The Panel set a date which was not acceptable by 1 member so an alternative was offered but less suitable for other members. It proceeded on the original date. Again the ETas Board had no hand in the process or decision.

All parties were asked to forward further evidence to substantiate the claims made. Again this process occurred without the ETas Board involvement or knowledge.

The ETas chair was called to attend as a third party to the complaints.  No party involved knew how the day was going to be run until the Chair of the Panel held his opening address. The State EO then advised all witnesses, who were not in the room for the opening address, the format for the day.

During the Hearing each party were asked to present their listed witnesses and as you will see from the report not all witnesses were called by their party's. 

Please be advised the 3 members of the Hearing have devoted their time and expertise on a voluntary basis. ETas members have not paid a fee for their services but have paid for the Airfares, Hotel accommodation, meals and Venue hire.

   Judiciary Committee Decision Clark Others (1).pdf

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