Membership Categories

We recognise that everyone joins our organisation for different reasons and that not everyone intends to compete, therefore we have a number of membership categories available to suit a variety of riders. The table and membership description below offer a breakdown of the memberships available. 

We also have a NEW - 2022/23 Membership Flyer with category info and FAQ.
You can view and download it here.




Competitive $264.00 $154
Participant $150 $100
Recreational $100 $100
Supporter - Official $95  
Supporter - Horse Owner $185  
Supporter - EA Coach $200  
Volunteer Member $38.50  
Affiliate Club $165  

 See our full schedule of fees here.

Competitor Membership

Competitor membership is available to those that participate and contribute to the competitive environment of equestrian sport. A competitor member (Senior or Junior) is permitted to compete at all levels of the sport. You can register a horse and purchase competition licences. You have voting rights for Board elections and at AGMs.

  • For official Dressage, you must be 12 years or older on the day of competition in Official Dressage or 10 years or older if riding in Official Pony Dressage.
  • For Eventing EvA80 classes in Tasmania are open to riders in the year of their 8th birthday or older, for EvA95 classes the rider must be in the year of their 8th birthday or older and for graded classes (i.e. junior EvA105) you can compete from the beginning of the calendar year from which you turn 13.
  • For official Jumping, you must be turning 12 in that calendar year.
  • For Saddlehorse, you need to be a Competitor Junior or Senior member to compete at the HOTY show.


Participant membership is available to those who actively participate and contribute to grassroots and recreational/hobby equestrian sport activities including recreational, casual and trail riding. You are able to compete in certain categories - unofficial/ungraded classes. EVA 80 classes in eventing if you wish to; or for those people wanting to take advantage of the insurance and who just ride for pleasure; or those who are just interested in the EA and want to be kept up to date with our newsletters, voting rights. 


The recreational membership is for those who enjoy riding a horse for pleasure, riding out, or maybe a member of an equestrian club. A Recreational member may have had limited association with Etas in the past and could be a member of an equestrian club that is outside of the seven EA disciplines and could participate at events within the closed club environment.


Supporter membership is available to those that contribute to the competitive environment of equestrian sport but do not participate in competitions, this category covers owners, non-competing coaches or volunteers. They are recognised as having a significant contribution to the sport and give back through their various areas. EA accredited officials only (your name must appear on an officials list with one of the EA disciplines) who do not compete or own horses. Official membership does give you voting rights for Board elections and at AGMs.

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