Equestrian Tasmania Horse Documents

Register a Horse 

Registering a horse with ETas enables that horse to compete in official events and competitions. Registration is a means of identification to establish ownership for competition purposes and if need be, as proof of identification. Before you submit a registration application for your horse, please ensure that the following information is complete. Incomplete or incorrect work will be returned.

  • All owners must be current Competitor, Participant, Supporter  members of Equestrian Tasmania.
  • The horse must be Microchipped to Australian Standard.
  • You must include a contact telephone number on the form so we can contact you if we have any queries.
  • Horse names must be unique. You cannot use the same name as another horse, nor can you change the spelling slightly or use a variation of the same name. Owners of horses previously registered using initials or Prefix's can continue to register horse using these initials or prefix's. New owners wishing to register horses using initials or prefix's will be assessed on application.
  • You must supply 5 name preferences or supply a copy of the Horse's Breed Registration. 
  • Both Full and Base Application for  Registration Documents require Markings Template to be completed or Copy of Breed Registration Certificate.
  • Click here to read the EA General Regulations in regards to EA Horse Registrations - Chapter 5
  • For current ETas Fee Structure Click Here  
  • Full (Life) Registration - Required for all horses competiting in Official Events - Horse must be mirochipped
  • Annual Competition Licience -  Only Competitor and Supporter (Coach/Official/Owner) Members may purchase a Licence
  • Base Registraions Fee - Secure your horse's Name and register the Microchip number - Eligible for Participant competitions ONLY.

Online Horse Registration

Instant Registration - Please allow a minumin of 2 weeks for Name Confirmation and Certificate to be posted. 

Download Horse Application 

Manual registrations MUST be forwarded to the office a Minumin of 3 weeks prior to CLOSE OF ENTRIES - If you have less than 2 weeks you will need to complete the registration ONLINE.  Fee for Manual payment is $146 plus $72 for the Licence (Online fee is $106 plus $32 for the Licence). 

Transfer A Horse

If you have purchased a horse that is already registered, you must transfer the horse into your name. 

If you are transferring your membership from another state to ETas, you must transfer all horses that you own to TAS. Before you submit a transfer application for your horse, please ensure that the following information is complete. Incomplete or incorrect work will be returned.

  1. You must be a current member of ETas.
  2. You must get the horse's original Horse Registration Certification signed by the previous owner and the new owner.
  3. Send the original signed certificate to the ETas office with payment  

If you do not have the original Horse Registration Certificate, or are not able to contact the previous owner, you must send in a completed 'Replacement Certificate of Registration Application Form' (see below) to the ETas office.

Please allow a minimum of 2 Weeks for your transfer application to be processed.

Guide to Leasing an EA Registered Horse

Lease Notification Form

Replacement of an EA Horse Certificate of Registration

Name Change of an EA Registered Horse